Open studio, LUCE” in dialogue with “Pinazo en el espacio público” (Pinazo in the public space)

An activity about connections, infiltrations and reoccupations of two or more intersected voices

VisitsIVAM Centre Julio González

Wednesday 6 July 2022. 18 hrs.

The dialog between the LUCE workshop and the Pinazo exhibition in the public space will be summarized on 6 July with a specific double-purpose activity, which is linear in space and intertwined in time. It will begin in room G6 and finish in Laboratory 2. During the visit the public will be guided through dialog and, simultaneously, with an ephemeral intervention on the work by LUCE.

The activity will combine the creation of reflections arising from the analogies, homologies, contrasts, inspirations and feedback that are picked up on by both authors, through the production of visual manifestations of elements of Pinazo’s exhibition incorporated into LUCE’s material. The faint ghosts of Pinazo’s experiences in their own absolute present time will be invoked in order to recover the vestiges of public space which we have today and which LUCE promotes as engines of nostalgia and generators of new political and poetic collective perceptions.

The activity has been designed by and will be run by the artist, LUCE and Vicente Pla, curator of the inazo exhibition in the public space.


Open studio. LUCE

01 jul. 2022 – 11 sep. 2022
IVAM LabIVAM Centre Julio González

Pinazo and public space

30 jun. 2022 – 25 feb. 2024
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González