Pinazo and public space

ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

The intention of this new exhibition on Ignacio Pinazo is to propose a new biopolitical focus on the part of his oeuvre made up of paintings and drawings that were largely produced by the artist for himself, and are therefore less academicist in their style and poetics.

This set of works is especially interesting because the artist was himself recognised by contemporaries as the proponent of a systematic artistic practice performed on and in open public spaces. These artistic practices of Pinazo’s relate directly to new ways of inhabiting public spaces, changes in the behaviour of groups and multitudes, and the relations set up in the cultural context of their production.

The result is an updated reading of this artist in which processes of dominion, occupation, bodily interaction and the establishment of collective habit by groups and multitudes would combine with imaginaries on health, hygiene, pleasure, energy and intersubjective communication, calling the established social order into question.



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08 oct. 2022 – 25 feb. 2024
MediationIVAM Centre Julio González