The mechanics of the day-to-day

A space to learn about the technical, social, fictional and magical objects that surround us

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The group that forms the Inventario (pensar en común el museo) (Inventory project (common thought on the museum)) opens up its creative and reflective process to the public, sharing two activities created and designed in the context of International Museum Day. The objective is to offer and make visible part of the work process to all interested members of the public.

What does an overhead contact line do?, How is it used?. And a ballpoint pen? Can a “biro” be an everyday object in a museum?, Would you like to know what any of the objects in the museum do, or how they have been transformed…or the objects in your home?

The members of the Inventory project (common thought on the museum) have reflected on and discussed the objects they have seen and found during the sessions of the project’s development. For this activity, the group proposes setting up a kind of counter for doubts, questions and imaginations on the objects that reside within IVAM, as well as about objects that each one of us has at home, or that belong to us.

How does an umbrella stand work?, How is a tin of Cola Cao produced?, Historically, how did a coffee spoon come into being?… The group will analyze the day-to-day mechanics of a selection of museum objects and objects that the public attendees bring with them. The analyses will be provided from a technical social, fictional and magical point of view, opening the museum doors so that the knowledge of others can flood in.

Time: 6 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour
How does it work? You can bring any object that you want to have analyzed or that you are curious about.
Prior registration is not required


Poliglotia. Inventario. 22

01 mar. 2022 – 14 jun. 2022
OthersPoliglotiaIVAM Centre Julio González