Mau Monleón Pradas conference

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Campaign for equality between women and men in the museum and in education. | #Portaldeigualdad

A conference of the feminist artist and curator Mau Monleón Prada, about the public art project #Portaldeigualdad that is developed within the IVAM PRODUEIX program in collaboration with various cultural associations working in Spain to achieve equality.

#Portaldeigualdad is a participative campaign promoted by Mau Monleón and artists, cultural agents and associations which calls for the inclusion of an Equality Portal in the webpages of museums and art centers. An Equality Portal is an innovative idea that allows museums to include a gender perspective in their webpages of all the information they handle and produce, so it is visible and available for all the public. This information should include their collections, exhibitions and other activities, as well as the management of their libraries, and other aspects related to each particular museum, at the same time taking on a prospective quality.

The #Portaldeigualdad project focuses its campaign on different participative actions, including a video campaign, a visual participative campaign and a discussion forum, among others.

Mau Monleón Pradas works in video, photography, text, installation, public art and transmedia. Her projects as an artist and curator focus on the public sphere, exploring themes like gender violence; work and education and architecture, among others.



15 sep. 2020 – 10 jan. 2021
IVAM ProduceIVAM Centre Julio González