Dialog around the “Llibret de la Falla: una oportunitat cultural” with Josep Lluis Marín, Miquel Platero, Iban Ramon, Julia Pineda, Elena Muñoz, Armand Llácer and Ricardo Ruiz

A Project by Ricardo Ruíz

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

IVAM presents El llibret de falla: una oportunitat cultural, a cultural project directed by Ricardo Ruíz. Halfway between a temporary library and an archive under permanent construction, the llibret de falla contributes to placing value on a rich and vast collective heritage that lies hidden in the presence of other manifestations of the falla. This library gathers examples of different houses and country houses spread around the town, it underlines these productions as a genuinely local literary genre, as a space for free expression which has given and continues to give a space to poets, writers, illustrators, photographers, designers… but above all, that it is born and is sustained by the impulse of the collective.

The opening conversation for the installation is led by Ricardo Ruiz, along with Josep Lluis Marín, the director of the exhibition “El llibret de falla (1850-2015). Explicació i relació de la festa” (Explanation and relationship of the festival), Miquel Platero, the developer of the Centre de Documentació d’Art Efímer, Iban Ramon, llibrets designer, Julia Pineda, member of the Asamblea de Falles Populars i Combatives, Elena Muñoz, ex-president of the Falla Mossén Sorell – Corona y Armand Llácer, communications manager at LaImprenta CG.

Tuesday, 19:00 hrs. Carmen Alborch Auditorium


“El llibret de falla: una oportunitat cultural”

15 mar. 2022 – 24 apr. 2022
IVAM ProduceIVAM Centre Julio González