Francesc Ruiz. Les Esses


Pdf Dossier Francesc Ruiz. Las Esses

February 19, 2015 – August 30, 2015

Curators: Francesc Ruiz and Marta Arroyo

Sponsor: Heineken

Hundreds, thousands of ‘esses’, up to 3600, make the installation Francesc Ruiz (Barcelona, 1971) has created specifically for the Gallery 5 of the IVAM, sponsored by Heineken Spain. The artist looks at a minimal element, the letter s, and is studies how it was used by the authors of the so-called New Valencian School of Comic. Francesc Ruiz Les Esses proses a set of narratives that explore the idea of style from different angles, the comic as a transmitter and distributor of ideas and forms, as a generator of subculture and as a political tool.


Francesc Ruiz

19 feb. 2015 – 30 aug. 2015