Jordi Teixidor

Jordi Teixidor / Pintura azul 1, 1986

Pintura Azul 1 (Blue painting 1), 1986


From the beginning, the accuracy of the title makes it clear that the work is not a landscape, that it is not the representation of a sea. With its obviousness, the title points out to the viewer the attitude he should take when he stands in front of the painting.

There is no visual reference representative of nature. It is a painting where a colour has been used: blue. It is not necessary to establish an easy analogy by the choice of it.

The intention is to show the way in which the work was painted, visibly revealing the circumstances and ways of the execution process.

In the contemplation, the aesthetic experience entails a separation from the empirical reality which leads us to new assumptions. In that space, where what is not appears, art happens.

Jordi Teixidor