Mar Arza. In spite / In short / In darkness

A pesar / A saber / A tientas (In spite / In short / In darkness)

ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

The exhibition Mar Arza. A pesar / A saber / A tientas (In spite / In short / In darkness) is a specific project by Mar Arza for Gallery 3. Designed as an installation, which has brought together archaeological pieces that are displayed in dialogue with works by Julio González and works by the artist herself. By juxtaposing some of these examples of cultures of different geographical and temporary origins, you can perceive one continuous thread in the gestures and nuances of the human condition. Successive clues are shown that hold they hypothesis of the continued existence of shapes: those that are transmitted through time and coexist in the shared imagination.

With a time span comprising seven millennia, the set of pieces brings together diversity and similarity. The body lists its potential and, at the same time, moves to areas of conflict that are related to contemporaneity and where feminine subjectivity plays a fundamental role, not just from the present.

The selection of works by Mar Arza reveals a line of work where reflection of the pregnant body includes a substrate which has been prolonged over the years in a transversal way, taking different approaches and using different materials. Brought together in this exhibition through a device which conditions your perception and reading, the sculptures broaden the echo of their dysfunctionality.



Mar Arza. Book presentation

14 oct. 2022
ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González