Confluences. Between the archive and the intervention

ConfluènciesExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

Confluences. Between the archive and the intervention is an exhibition proposal that accounts, archives and updates what has happened since 2021 in various locations with less than one hundred inhabitants in the Valencian Community within the Confluències program. Likewise, it shows twelve new interventions and pieces by the team of artists generated specifically for the IVAM G7.

In the archive section, a wide variety of materials are displayed on the actions and experiences carried out in collaboration with the people involved in the different municipalities of the program: artists, local agents, neighbors and other living beings that inhabit it. The objective is to strengthen the networks generated through the visibility of the interventions; a potential tool to sustain dialogues and exchanges. The documentary of the process made by La Cosecha Comunicación is included.

In the rest of the room, new interventions and works are distributed that dialogue with previous processes in various directions: some delve into aspects only previously noted, others focus on methodologies, and others rescue discarded materials. In this way, the exhibition invites us to generate new reflections, readings and imaginaries of the pieces produced in the territory and enable, in turn, renewed comings and goings.

The artists who have participated in Confluències are: Bleda y Rosa, Carlos Izquierdo, Fent Estudi, La Cuarta Piel, Laura Palau, Lola Zoido, LUCE, Makea Tu Vida, Pep Vidal, Pilar Beltrán, Rubén García and Sandra Mar. Through His works invite us to reflect on the landscape, care, depopulation, uses and abuses of the territory, identity, memory, gaps, ecosocial challenges and how all these issues affect us from the places where we live.

*Confluències, artistic interventions in rural areas is a program framed in the line of work of l’IVAM al territori, which has developed since autumn 2021 a network of actions, mediations and artistic interventions in the twenty-four smallest towns in the Community Valencian. The artistic interventions of Confluències can be visited in: Alto Mijares (Espadilla, Fuentes de Ayódar, Torralba del Pinar, Torrechiva, Vallat and Villamalur), Commonwealth of Alto Palancia (Fuente la Reina, Higueras, Matet, Pavías, Sacañet and Villanueva de Viver) , Els Ports (Castell de Cabres, Herbers, Palanques, Vallibona and Villores), province of València (La Puebla de San Miguel, Carrícola and Sempere), and El Comtat (Benillup, Binimassot, Famorca and Tollos). The twenty-four towns, with a population of less than one hundred inhabitants, are part of Route 99.