Visit to the artistic interventions of Torralba del Pinar – Pavías and Higueras (Castellón)

Confluències. Artistic interventions in the towns of Route 99


Departure by bus: 9.30. IVAM main entrance. (Guillem de Castro, 118. Valencia)
Approximate return: 19.00. IVAM main entrance.

We suggest you connect with the landscape of the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park via Bleda and Rosa at Torralba del Pinar and Pavías and Carlos Izquierdo at Higueras, within the context of Confluències, a program developed within theIVAM al territori line of action.

From September 2021 until April 2022, the smallest towns of the regions of Alto Mijares and Alto Palancia have welcomed a selection of artists who, after spending time there and through active listening in these contexts, have created specific interventions in each town.

Res Communis is the project that Bleda and Rosa have presented to connect symbolically with Torralba del Pinar and Pavías, two small adjacent municipalities which, although they share the same landscape in the heart of the Sierra de Espadán mountain range, actually belong to different regions –Alto Mijares and Alto Palancia, respectively-. Initially presented as a brief intervention in the landscape – with the installation of a goal post in each town-, Res Communis hhas transformed during the process into a series of photographic images that are directly connected to the series that was the starting point for the artists, Campos de Fútbol (Football Pitches).

Higueras, espacio sonoro (Higueras, soundscape) is the project belonging to Carlos Izquierdo to provide attentive listening experiences in the soundscape of Higueras, materializing in two actions: firstly, a call to actively and consciously listen to the sounds that surround us and, from there, starting a sound walk through the town and its nearby surroundings so we can collect our own archive of listenings.


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CONFLUÈNCIES, artistic interventions in the Alto Mijares.

01 jun. 2021 – 31 dec. 2023

CONFLUÈNCIES, artistic interventions in the Alto Palancia.

01 jun. 2021 – 31 dec. 2023