The fissures of NO

Influencing the possibilities and prohibitions of the museum

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The group that makes up the Inventario (pensar en común el museo) (Inventory project (common thought on the museum)) proposes opening their creative and reflective process to the public, sharing two of their own activities, created and designed in the context of International Museum Day. The objective is to offer and make visible part of the work process to all interested members of the public.

Can you enter the museum with an umbrella?, and with sharp objects?, with weapons?, with antiques?, why?, what can you do and what can you not do in the museum?, why are so many things prohibited in spaces like the IVAM?

An installation of visual and sound elements helps the group that forms the Inventario (pensar en común el museo) (Inventory project (common thought on the museum)) to reflect on the limits and the boundaries that the museum consciously, and apparently innately, proposes for its visitors. From the creation of a space for proactive complaints on the walls at IVAM, and through the use of the open mic, a full day activity is proposed for 18 May to which the public will be invited to participate in order to propose what the limits and prohibitions for the museum should be… or what we would want them to be (or not!). The day will close with a more performative event, by reading the proposals gathered from the visitor groups that have taken part in the project.

Times for the activity: 10: a.m.-7 p.m. *free access
Time of the performance: 7 p.m.
Prior registration is not required


Poliglotia. Inventario. 22

01 mar. 2022 – 14 jun. 2022
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