Dance and other species. Skin


Cycle of dance, practice and thought in the museum

Radicands. Dance and Other Species seeks to consolidate an area of investigation, experimentation and reflection about the body; an open semantic field in which action and movement become totally predominant. A situation designed for sharing the act of creating in vivo. The cycle consists of various practices of a processual nature that will lead to an open dialogue with the public, in the form of soirées. In its second year of existence, the Radicands cycle continues to offer relational settings far removed from the conventions of theatre and/or art in order to establish an area of experimentation, practice and reflection. An encounter with ways of seeing and the body of the other in which dance, as a generous, open, interdisciplinary semantic field, occupies centre stage, together with other forms of art.

In this fourth edition we will show practices connected with the theme: SKIN

The Radicands team: Tatiana Clavel, Mireia Ferrer and Rocío Pérez.

Practices in charge of

Aitana Cordero, artist and choreographer

Beatriz Fernández, dancer,choreographer and curator

María Cabeza de Vaca, dancer and choreographer