Presentation and inauguration ‘Un contínuum común indefinidamente liso (An endlessly smooth common continuum)’

By Diana Guijarro. #IVAM35

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

As part of the presentation and subsequent inauguration of the exhibition Un contínuum común indefinidamente liso (An endlessly smooth common continuum), curator Diana Guijarro will give the talk Hardcore continuum. A meeting that will serve as a prelude to the exhibition and that will invite other links to be generated with the works in the IVAM Collection and its exhibition space.

The curatorial proposal delves into more than 100 works from the IVAM Collection that are connected with other pieces from the La Caixa Collection and the MUSAC Collection to project other views towards the contemporary. An exercise through which to analyze artistic, social and cultural contexts from another point of view; reviewing and revisiting various events that can be traced throughout the works and that reveal to us the impulses that manage to risk the identity of the story.

The exhibition uses the pieces as a necessary guiding thread that helps us reflect on various topics, such as the changing nature of the museum institution, the role of the artist and his identity, or the anticipations of various movements that changed our responses to art.

In a current moment in which official contemporaneity is an era with hardly any time and established elements, we find ourselves witnessing a strange simultaneity of events in which things do not begin or end, but remain in a constant reverberation.

This exhibition is configured as a tool that gives us the opportunity to generate other readings of the works and that makes it possible to become new traffickers of symbols to discover that the interesting thing is not to define what is contemporary but to discover when it is.

Diana Guijarro is an independent curator and teacher. His research activity has focused on the study of exhibition spaces, analyzing the conceptualization of their discourses and the different museographic elements, understanding them as a field full of resources.

Un contínuum común indefinidamente liso (An endlessly smooth common continuum)
7:00 p.m. Presentation
8:00 p.m. Opening and cocktail


Un contínuum común indefinidamente liso (An endlessly smooth common continuum)

16 may. 2024 – 15 sep. 2024
CollectionExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González