POLIGLOTÍA. Escuela de saberes diversos. 23

Coordinated by Paco Inclán

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The Poliglotia programme began in 2021 with the aim of creating a meeting space in the museum with a hybrid, intercultural perspective. A space to generate content by exchanging experience and other forms of knowledge. After our first laboratories with the Estudios Políglotas group, and the creation and programming of activities or analysis of the museum itself with Inventario, we now wish to propose a School for Diverse Knowledge, Escuela de Saberes Diversos.

The Escuela de Saberes Diversos is a kind of educational cycle intending to link forms of knowledge, interests and concerns of its members to the IVAM exhibition programme. The school’s initial idea is to bring the museum to people from different backgrounds interested in migratory processes and in acquiring experience in mediation from an intercultural perspective, and in expanding and shifting their attributes and potential via contact with other social and cultural issues and sensibilities.

We see the Escuela de Saberes Diversos as a space for self-education, acquiring skills and exchange. A place to shift something in ourselves.
Poliglotía is coordinated by Paco Inclán, a writer and teacher of Spanish to migrants and refugees.

Sessions: Tuesdays, 18.00 – 20.00

February: 7, 21
March: 7, 21
April: 4, 18
May: 2, 16, 30
June: 13, 27


Poliglotia 21/22

01 nov. 2021 – 17 jun. 2022
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