Lecture by Inés París organized by the Chair of Artistic Studies. 20th / 21st centuries

Lecture “Autómatas, Cyborgs y otras damas. Hacia una poética audiovisual feminista” by Inés París organized by the Chair of Artistic Studies. 20th / 21st centuries.

Inés París is a film and television director and scriptwriter. She has a degree in Philosophy, specialising in Aesthetics and Art Theory.

She has written and directed the films: “La noche que mi madre mató a mi padre” (2016), “Miguel y William” (2007), “Semen, una historia de amor” (2005), “A mi madre le gustan las mujeres” (2002), and the documentaries; “Ellas son… Africa” made in 2010 in Mali-Ethiopia-Mozambique and Senegal, the documentary serie “Igual-es” (TVE-2011), and the film “Manzanas, pollos y quimeras” about African Women living in Spain (2014).

She has worked for television directing the creative teams and writing numerous series. The last, “El Accidente”, broadcasted in 2018.

Her films and series have won numerous awards and have been premiered internationally.

She has combined her career as a director and writer with teaching courses and giving lectures at La Sorbonne (Paris) MIT (USA) Harvard (USA), Cambridge (USA) New York University (USA) and numerous Spanish universities.

She has published numerous articles and collaborations in books that collect her reflections and contributions in the field of women’s equality in culture and specifically in the audiovisual field.

Former President of CIMA (Spanish Audiovisual Women’s Association).


IVAM-UV-UPV-UMH (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern-Universitat de València-Universitat Politècnica de València-Universidad Miguel Hernández)

Directors: Giulia Colaizzi/ Marina Pastor

The aim of second edition of the Chair of Artistic Studies,  will consist in encouraging this reflection about the life of images both in the world of art and in social life, including imaginary. It will do so broadmindedly, avoiding academic, artistic or technological restrictions, but, nevertheless, thriving on and taking advantage of all the academic, museum-based and institutional aids at its disposal. For that reason, the fact that it is held at the IVAM is propitious because it can enrich its activities with the reflection about exhibitions, installations or lectures, and also the series of projections.