IVAM a la fresca (IVAM in the cool) – Let’s play!

In summer the IVAM... does not close!

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In summer the IVAM… does not close!

To immerse ourselves in a well-deserved summer break without giving up the pleasure of enjoying modern and contemporary art, the museum has prepared a rich menu of contents. In this way, you can access, permanently and for free, some of the main exhibitions and activities that have taken place at IVAM recently.

The repertoire includes audiovisual content, family activities and publications. Visiting IVAM, comfortably from anywhere, has never been easier.

In addition, the doors of the museum remain open during the months of July and August, uninterrupted and with free access. You can check the opening hours and schedule your visit here.

Whether you visit us from a distance or in person… thank you for joining us this summer!


Summer is a time to rest and, also, to play. Therefore, at IVAM we’re inviting families to visit us during the months of July and August and to join us with family activities that invite you to explore the museum, in person or at home.

  • Juga a l’IVAM! Play at IVAM!

The autonomous games Apardalats and Autolocos are designed and activated by Javier Molinero during the whole year in the courtyard of the IVAM, and this summer they are transformed into free play kits that can be borrowed during the opening time of the museum, to enjoy the different spaces of the museum while playing! Ask for them at the museum’s access point. +Info here

  • Ballem amb julio!  We dance with Julio!

With this material, you will be able to explore and move, at home or in the museum, based on the main sculptures of Julio González, a key part of the IVAM collection. With this material designed, in the first instance, for teachers of different educational levels, you will be able to dance the artworks with a series of choreographic improvisation tools by Rudolf Von Laban. You can request the dossier and access to the explanatory video at the following telephone and email: ivam@consultaentradas.com or 976004973 (Monday to Saturday from 9-20h).

  • Infinite actions.

Based on the exhibition Infinite Sculpture (May 21 – October 24, 2021) at IVAM Alcoi, this proposal has been designed as a booklet of educational actions. With them you can improvise, create and reflect with the Spanish sculpture of the twentieth century, from our point of view as spectators of the XXI century. Ask for it by phone or email: ivam@consultaentradas.com or 976004973 (Monday to Saturday from 9-20h).


IVAM a la fresca (IVAM in the cool) – (Con)textos

23 jul. 2021 – 31 aug. 2021
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IVAM a la fresca (IVAM in the cool) – En bucle (in loop)

23 jul. 2021 – 31 aug. 2021
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