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In summer the IVAM... does not close!

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In summer the IVAM… does not close!

To immerse ourselves in a well-deserved summer break without giving up the pleasure of enjoying modern and contemporary art, the museum has prepared a rich menu of contents. In this way, you can access, permanently and for free, some of the main exhibitions and activities that have taken place at IVAM recently.

The repertoire includes audiovisual content, family activities and publications. Visiting IVAM, comfortably from anywhere, has never been easier.

In addition, the doors of the museum remain open during the months of July and August, uninterrupted and with free access. You can check the opening hours and schedule your visit here.

Whether you visit us from a distance or in person… thank you for joining us this summer!


Immerse yourself in the reading of the main articles and publications that IVAM has published in physical and/or digital media during the last months:

  • “La Lambretta de Oteiza”. Nacho París.Essay for the catalog of the exhibition Escultura Infinita (21 May- 24 October 2021), at IVAM Alcoi. Download here.
  • “La cartógrafa de lo quebradizo”. Estrella de Diego. Essay that is included in the catalog of the exhibition of Mona Hatoum(April 16 – September 12, 2021), at IVAM Centre Julio González. Download here.
  • En tiempo de catástrofes. Cómo resistir a la barbarie que viene”. Isabelle Stengers. As part of the Presentes densos project, we are publishing chapter IV of this book, which can be read as a manual of working methodologies for ecological-social conflict situations (although perhaps we should add: written by a philosopher of science). Download here.
  • “Pensamiento tentacular”. Dona Haraway, in the context of Presentes densos. Introduction and chapter II of the book Staying with the Trouble, by Donna Haraway, published by the digital magazine Desbordes (with the permission of Consonni) in April 2020. Download here.
  • Passejades. Mediation texts to visit the exhibitions Mechanical and Technical Imaginaries in the IVAM Collection, Mona Hatoumand Renau in exile, in the gallery or at home. Download here.


IVAM a la fresca (IVAM in the cool) – En bucle (in loop)

23 jul. 2021 – 31 aug. 2021
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IVAM a la fresca (IVAM in the cool) – Let’s play!

23 jul. 2021 – 31 aug. 2021
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