Grammatical gastronomies


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Grammatical gastronomies with @cocinasmigrantes (migrantkitchens)

@cocinasmigrantes proposes gastronomy as a tool for opening spaces for dialogue and intercultural gatherings. The ingredients, flavors, recipes and culinary processes help to energize this experiential and participatory session in which we reflect on identity, migration and memory through food.

This activity is proposed as an experiment with grammatical gastronomies, those inner structures that, in the same way as language, operate to give meaning and order to our social and natural experience. We use different sound, visual, tactile, linguistic and, of course, tasting applications as ways to mediate among the participants and the elements of migrant gastronomies to build new grammatical structures as potentially fluid and open identities.

We address the case of the Afghan diaspora through the technical and culinary support provided by Najib and his family, who will invite us to sample their gastronomy at the end the activity.

There will be printed copies of the Gastronomic Guide of migrant Valencia, a project that captures the research process that preceded this activity, and we will give these out to every participant.

Practical information:

  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Aimed at: those over 16 years of age.
  • Maximum places: 20 persons.
  • Dates: Saturday 9 April, 12 p.m.


Poliglotia 21/22

01 nov. 2021 – 17 jun. 2022
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