El Berenar (Teatime) – Art and Context Program, with Claudia Dyboski, Alejandro Ocaña and Bella Báguena

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

This third edition of El Berenar will take the form of an encounter as part of which the guest artists –Claudia Dyboski (Program artist), Alejandro Ocaña and Bella Báguena– will present a dialogue based on their work and interests. A conversation in which attendees will be invited to participate and be part of the activity.

El Berenar constitutes an informal meeting place whereby artists, authors or other cultural practitioners working in Valencia can present their ideas and projects. In each edition, two guests together with one of the artists from the Art and Context Program will discuss their projects or interests.

The activity will be on Wednesday, 26th January 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

Claudia Dyboski is a Valencian sculptor. Populated by hybrid beasts and rudimentary artifacts, her imaginary proposes a world slowly recovering from a dystopian era – a resurgence of intelligent life in a new biological age. These nascent beings have human features; some of them contain parts of the machines left behind by man in their bodies. They speak another language, and hide in forests and the ruins of ancient civilizations. Dyboski sculpts a world of rubbish and silicone, foam and wire, where life regenerates and transforms: it is a world without words, a life still in its conceptual stages, tentatively trying out its new body on an aged planet.

Alejandro Ocaña is an artist based in Valencia. His work is based on collective events and parties, giving rise to an artistic production whose main objectives are the participation of others and the use of humor, and involving a succession of group actions that aim to be considered as “nonsense” and /or “irrelevant”.

Bella Báguena is a Valencian transfeminine artist who works with different disciplines such as music, performance, jewelry and other media. Her artistic production is generated via an intuitive and emotional process, using voice and body movement, as well as objects, spaces and technologies to create sound, video, sculptural or performative pieces, in which emotional expression and thought are key.


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