El Berenar – Art and Context Program, with Diego Navarro, Darío Alva, Guillermo Ros and Laura Costas

OthersIVAM Centre Julio González

This second edition of El Berenar comes in the form of a conversation in which the invited artists –Diego Navarro and Darío Alva (artists of the Program), Guillermo Ros and Laura Costas– will create a virtual stage where they can share their work or research.

As an activity, El Berenar constitutes an informal meeting place for the presentation of projects by artists, authors or other cultural practitioners working in Valencia. In each edition, two guests together with one of the artists from the Art and Context Program will discuss their projects or interests. The conversation is open to everyone present.

The activity will be on Tuesday, 21st December, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. The link for online attendance will be published in due course.


connecting link: https://www.twitch.tv/zgh2005os00676097731

Diego Navarro is a multidisciplinary artist born and living in Valencia whose works in the fields of both sound –through the composition of electronic music and sound design for contemporary media– and visual media, mainly influenced by the aesthetics of video games and fantasy.

Darío Alva is a digital artist based in Madrid whose work involves audiovisual creation and CGI. His artistic practice is influenced by a wide range of media and disciplines, mainly focused on time-image studies or attentional economies.

Laura Costas is a manufacturer of dolls and artefacts born in Vigo.
Her work revolves around toys, childhood and violence with works such as Another foolish contender, To die in the countryside or Demon baby has its mother eyes. Her production goes beyond sculpture, to encompass sound, performance or paper media.

Guillermo Ros lives and works in Alboraya. The violence inherent in the creative process lies at the centre of his work: an exercise in analogies and the imaginary, culminating in a production of epic overtones. Ros takes the concept of “lore” – typical of the language of video games where it pertains to a story or a character’s background-, and transfers it to the artistic field: the “lore” of the elements, the material, the space, the context and – last but not least – his own, presenting a mixture of references that make up his personal conceptual framework.


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18 nov. 2021 – 05 oct. 2023
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