Educational Workshop “Art and Spirituality”


The workshop will consist of a guided visit and commented to the exhibition and of the accomplishment of two activities. The aim is to state the relationship that has always existed between art and spirituality throughs varied artistic manifestations as the painting, sculpture, architecture …. and the most current plastic expressions.

At the first moment we will work on Gerardo Rueda’s stained glass windows, inspired in the ones he realized for the triforio of that of the Cathedral of Cuenca., with not cutting materials, for it they will draw in cardboards of colors, different forms and geometric silouettes …. later to revise them with a burin and to facilitate that they could be cut . On the emptied forms we will place cellophane of different colors that combining they will produce an effect of game of lights and different chromatisms. Every participant will be able to take his final composition to him.

Later, they will work on Lidó Rico’s work, which will realize an installation located to the entry of the workshop, composed by more than 40.000 chalks of colors in the shape of small skulls of different colors, the qualified work “Chalks”. In a giant waxing on one of the walls of the workshop, every participant will be able to realize his own intervention with the selected piece that will be completed by the interventions of the participants who are going to the workshop, so that a great mural will be made and will take part of the setting of the own workshop.

From 5 years old

25 people

Tuesdays to Fridays 09:30 – 13:30 h. and 15.30 – 18:30 h. Schools must reserve in advanced. Sundays’ schedule 11:00 h., 12:00 h., and 13:00 h.

The workshop takes lasts 1h. 30 min per group.

These workshops are addressed to all types of public: students, adults, occupational centres, etc.

Booking and information phone 96.3869992. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8.30 to 10.30 and Tuesday 16.30 to 19.15h. (