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Discos Oldies has been a reference for Valencian music and culture since Carmen and Pepe opened shop over forty years ago. They were soon joined by Vicente and Isabel, and the four together built up a legacy like few shops in the country.

That legacy passed into our hands on 1 January 2022, when Andreu, Chema, Pere and Mario took over the singular space. Our idea in doing so was to take the Oldies brand to a new level and reach many new people who, because of their ages or backgrounds, didn’t yet know it.

In this new phase we’ve been organising showcases, gigs and even festivals with bands like La Paloma, Semana Santa, Joe Pask, Depresión Sonora, Menta, Mausoleo, Bernal, Tórtel, Luna Valle o L´Últim Europeu, Futuro Terror, Margarita Quebrada, Mueveloreina, Calivvla, Amy, Concepción, and DJs Lucía Gea and Finalversion3.

We’ve also started DJing as Discos Oldies DJs. We play all kinds of music at our sessions, for all tastes, it’s a reflection of our personalities and collections. Different but complementary.

For today we’ve prepared a selection with Alberto Feijóo and his storage space.


Trascity. Alberto Feijóo

01 jun. 2023 – 07 jan. 2024
ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González