Trascity. Alberto Feijóo

ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

Trascity is a project that reflects on the roles and spaces we occupy and on the objects we accumulate and collect, including images.

This installation, designed specifically for Gallery 3 at the IVAM, adopts different perspectives in attempt to reformulate the uses of the exhibition space, which will be employed as a replica of an existing place in the outside world, a workplace, a meeting point, an area under construction, an archive of images or a storage room for objects from the past. Trascity makes reference to the contemporary problematics of finding a place in the world, a space where we can explore our anxieties and a refuge where some sort of independence can be gained. In this physical space, the artistic artifact becomes a consumer object.

This project reflects upon the concept of the ‘fragment’, understood from multiple points of view. On the one hand, we have a city created out of a mixture of several, with fleeting memories and everyday annotations in the form of photographs that pile up on top of one another to create unstable architectures denoting a world in collapse, accelerated and decadent. On the other hand, there is the mental fragmentation of a visual artist who performs different roles throughout the day with the goal of facing up to a complex and precarious reality. Appearing in this way are the collector, the hoarder, the photographer, the apprentice… Trascity is a synonym for mutating identity, transformation, the ensnaring city, appropriation, popular culture, the memory store, the passage of time or the mise en abyme.

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01 jun. 2023 – 07 jan. 2024
MediationIVAM Centre Julio González