Conversations between artists

Salome Cuesta and Mª José Marínez

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

We continue the series of conversations between artists whose aim is to connect works and projects that are similar in some way –or which present differences- with the intention of laying key concepts on the table, which will allow people to understand the contemporary artistic practice. Our intention is to be able to create a dialogue, to rethink, to imagine or to compare ideas, so that these, and their specification in several art forms, become again a consubstantial element of the debate on culture and contemporary art. Also, so that the artists themselves can present them.

Conversation between artists Salomé Cuesta and Maria Jose Martinez de Pison, professors at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia and member of the Laboratory of Light.

Since 1990 the Laboratory of light located at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, works as a meeting, study and research of aesthetic and expressive principles linked to image-light. Currently, laboratory components belong to different departments and their participation varies depending on the proposals that are being developed: working between the collective and the individual, between university research and artistic activities, including the production of projects and word spread, and open to those who want to develop their work under this structure interdisciplinary field.


Conversation between the artists

02 oct. 2015
ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González