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A stroll through Valencia with LUCE (and Pinazo)

VisitsIVAM Centre Julio González

We propose a walk through the city of Valencia during which we will activate a series of locations depicted in the works of Pinazo, which coincide with LUCE’s personal geography.

  • Start: 10:30 a.m. IVAM main entrance. (C/ Guillem de Castro, 118. Valencia)
  • Approximate duration: 2.5 hrs.

The tour includes revisiting commonly-frequented corners of Valencia in which LUCE gazes into the echoes of that which Pinazo observed and immortalized. Discovering the city as a vehicle between history and those who inhabit it, which is the primary material of the artistic practices of both artists.

As we walk, putting movement into our bodies, we see the places that surround us in another way. The city shows itself just as we see it, and that is when a moment is constructed from our personal history. On this walk, LUCE will be accompanied by Eva Bravo, and they will both encourage us to do away with the timeline in order to intertwine individual lives with collective experiences, always doing this through the contemplation of the ordinary, of the apparently unnoticed.

Through curiosity and play, we will visit places that were explored – and are explored – by both artists, giving a new meaning to those public places in continuous transformation, discovering “the other spaces” or “the other cities within the city”. An activity that invites us to be part of the public space in order to walk around it, decipher it and experience it.

*This activity is the first in a series of three different walks proposed by the artist and Eva Bravo. The program will also include the Open Studio at IAVM, which will become a space in which to produce, create, display and share the different lines of action and research that connect LUCE with the city of Valencia.

Through its art, LUCE (Valencia, 1989) researches the associations generated between art and its surroundings. It promotes communication with the city to understand how it functions and how we relate to it.

Eva Bravo (Valencia, 1974) combines archaeology with management of heritage, teaching, cultural mediation and participation in research projects.



Open studio. LUCE

01 jul. 2022 – 11 sep. 2022
IVAM LabIVAM Centre Julio González