Shared mapping of the trades of the Raval

Teresa Lanceta. Open-source weaving

The project Shared mapping of the trades of the Raval is a collaboration between Teresa Lanceta, Nicolas Malevé and the students and teachers of the Miquel Tarradell school. The project consists of the collaborative elaboration of a digital map based on the work histories, experiences, resources and affections of the participants and their families. It aims to reveal the multiple perspectives and trajectories that make up the shared experience of each participant of an important place; the Raval of Barcelona. The project aims to map the work experience and skills that are displaced when people move to another place.

The project is both artistic and educational. Through the encounters, the participants have developed skills in cartography and the use of computer tools. Thanks to this, they have shaped the different ways of working and skills that are found in the space-time they inhabit every day.

«Open a map; unfold it, follow it with your finger, trace, compare, zoom, search, describe, photograph, join and separate words, lines, spots, pixels. Look at the maps that sell us things, that organise our environment, that plan, predict, and hover over us. They want to tell us something, they want to force us to do something or prevent us from doing something. They show us how to move or how to stay put. They insist, they emphasise. The chains of shops that impose themselves on all the big cities of the country. The maps of those who draw for traders and administrations, of those who draw for pleasure or against others. We look to see where we are and how others perceive where we are. We see as the crow flies or from a satellite. We draw with a pencil, a GPS, a mouse or simply with our fingertips. We see the sediments of the city, the trenches, the traces of the siege. And then, this insistence on roads. Roads laid out by the administrations followed by postmen, rubbish collectors, cleaners, riders delivering shopping and take-away menus. And, of course, the movements that tell us how we got here and where we want to go. And with each movement the question of what we take as knowledge, as know-how, as technique, as craft. And the way all this is lost and gained, acquires another meaning, takes on value, is forgotten or renegotiated.» Nicolas Malevé

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Teresa Lanceta. Weaving as open source

07 oct. 2022 – 16 apr. 2023
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