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1st EDITION October 6th 2022 to June 30th 2023

Contemporary art is in constant friction with other areas of knowledge and cultural practices, questions of social interest and public space. These vertices converge in particular on a “metabolic museum” of the kind the IVAM hopes to propitiate: an institution traversed by crisis – economic, cultural and ethical – and transformation, a museum formed by a series of organs constituting a body that feeds off friction with other bodies in circulation. This is the spirit which inspires ARTICULATIONS, a programme created on the basis of two academic certifications: the first held during the first four-month term in collaboration with the Universitat de València, and the other in the second four-month term in collaboration with the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia.

As an international programme, although anchored in a specific territory, it aims to generate a learning context from which to confront the urgencies and uncertainties of a globally wounded present that requires new working methods and ways of inhabiting the world. The programme attaches importance to collaborative work precisely with the goal of learning from the people around us, developing ideas and giving shape to new forms of knowledge. Post-Identitarian feminisms, popular and decolonial practices, processes of globalisation and virtuality, speculative and collective narratives and the care of the planet are the frameworks defining the organisation of the four modules of the programme: Contemporary metabolic practices, Ruptures and remediations of discourse, Walking with the head, thinking with the feet and lastly a Final project.

Students who join the programme will form part of a heterodox institutional project focused on careful attention to processes of creation and thought besides results. In short, it will consist of a “doing with” a community of students, teachers with different academic backgrounds and professionals from the sector, from a variety of geographical areas, whose practices critically and incisively mould how contemporary art is understood, rehearsed and thought in its different expressions.

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