María Ptqk: en torno a las artes del Chthuluceno

Presentes densos. En torno a las artes de vivir en un planeta herido (30/01/21, IVAM)

9th session of the series Presentes densos. Around the arts of living on a damaged planet, coordinated by María Ptqk. In the meeting with Maria, we questioned, once again, the effects of naming our era as the era of the Chthulucene, following Donna Haraway’s proposal. We did it with a corpus of “potentially chthulucenic” artistic works and a reading of Lynn Margulis.

María PTQK has been working in the cultural sector since 2000. She develops tasks of production, research, criticism, curatorship, project management and coordination. Among her latest works we find the edition of the book Especies del Chthuluceno. Panorama de prácticas para un planeta herido (Gabinete Sycorax, 2019), the coordination of Gabinete Sycorax. Museo Invertido de Ciencias Naturales, the environmental political fiction workshops Artes del Colapso (2017-2018), the curatorship of the festival Inmersiones (En torno a la hoguera. Prácticas brujas contemporáneas, [Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2018]), the coordination of 2056. Arte, ciencia y sociedad ante los futuros climáticos at BilbaoArte (2018) or the curatorship of the exhibition A propósito del Chthuluceno y sus especies compañeras for the Espace virtuel du Jeu de Paume, Paris (2017-2018).