IVAM presents the exhibition “Francesc Ruiz. Les Esses”

The exhibition will be open until next August 30th at Gallery 5 of IVAM

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Valencia. The director of the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM), José Miguel G. Cortés, will present the exhibition ‘Francesc Ruiz. The Esses’, together with the artist, who is also its curator, the co-curator Marta Arroyo and Carlos Mataix, the Director of Corporate Relations of Heineken Spain, who sponsor the exhibition. It will take place on Wednesday, 18th February at 11:00am in the Gallery 5 of the museum.

This is an installation that Francesc Ruiz has created specifically for the Gallery 5 of the IVAM, that is composed of up to 3,600 letters ‘s’. The artist takes this letter as a reference as well as its use by authors of the Valencian School of Comic. This is an example of the attention that the museum wants to pay to all kinds of artistic expressions in its new era, among which those related to illustration and comics are included.

The presentation will consist of a guided tour of the exhibition with the director, the artist and the co-curator of ‘Francesc Ruiz. The Esses’.


■ Wednesday, February 18

■ 11.00 a.m.

■ Gallery 5 of the IVAM. Guillén de Castro Street, 118 Valencia


Francesc Ruiz

19 feb. 2015 – 30 aug. 2015