IVAM presents “Case Study. Body, space and time in Bruce Nauman”

The exhibition will be on display until next June 28 in the gallery 8 of IVAM

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Valencia. The director of the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM), José Miguel G. Cortés, will present the exhibition ‘Case study. Body, Space and Time in Bruce Nauman’ together with the curator, Mª Jesús Folch, on Monday, 23rd February, at 11:00am, on a guided tour of the exhibition.

‘Case study. Body, Space and Time in Bruce Nauman’ intends to analyse in depth the work of an artist who is present in the museum’s collection. The exhibition contains a selection of 14 works by the North American artist –10 from the IVAM’s collection and 4 of them courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix- which are presented together with works by Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Georges Hugnet, Samuel Beckett, Richard Serra, Steve Reich, Merce Cunningham and John Cage, in order to contextualise and analyse Nauman’s (Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1942) work.

On the occasion of the opening of this exhibition, a group of students from the ‘Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Valencia’, integrated by Belén Pérez, Paula Pachón, Noelia Pastelero, Paula Romero, Marta García, Mª Carmen Guirado, Daniela Quinchi and Manuel Caldito, under the guidance of professors Tatiana Clavel and Santi de la Fuente, will present a performance conceived for this exhibition.

Monday, 23rd February.


Gallery 8 of IVAM. Guillem de Castro, 118. Valencia.