The IVAM Produces

Marina Núñez

IVAM Produce

“A strange body” is a trompe l’oeil in which the IVAM’s facade breaks violently because a woman hits it. Even more unbelievable is that this woman is not hard or consistent, but soft and malleable. In fact, the collision force causes that her flesh spills into multiple splashes revealing her fluent nature. So that the rigid matter becomes much more fragile, and it is unable to contain the soft flesh avalanche.

This woman’s body is really strange, unusual for its extreme ductility, exceptional for the forms that it adopts, astonishing for its resistance. However, in medicine, “a foreign body” refers to an external element that enters into the body and can damage it. At the beginning it is important to get it out, although sometimes it is expelled spontaneously.

I do not know if the woman is uncomfortable for the building, which regurgitates it. Or if someone has considered that this place did not belong to her, and it removes throwing her against the wall like a woman bullet. Or if she is who feels that she is surrounded by such a hostile environment, or simply inert, and she is forced to escape.

I tend to think that what we see is the result of his own impulse. That has been thrown into our space, which is from spectators, to conform again, probably somehow unexpected, or simply to be spread out.