Radical geographics

Rogelio López Cuenca


Rogelio López Cuenca, Nerja 1959, focuses his artistic practice on the analysis of mass media, the construction of identities and cultural criticism. He develops this work by means of publications, courses, exhibitions, interventions in public urban spaces, on TV or on the Internet (www.malagana.com), resorting to his own processes not only of visual arts but also of literature and social sciences.

RADICAL GEOGRAPHICS develops a constellation-essay from different projects in collaboration with other artists, students and researchers from different disciplines in European and American cities (Málaga, Lima, Rome, Mataró, Mexico City, Valparaiso,…) incorporating documentation from a processing critical cartography about Valencia.

All this projects are challenged and questioned by the city itself –urban as the concept key for a modern world experience– and cities particularly like the places where reality and imagination stands out; official history and lost memories; violence and the way it becomes real over a landscape and its inhabitants. But also disobediences that venture into other geographies. Other possible histories.The fabric of a third space in course.