LDE Carrícola, by Rubén García

La Vall d’Albaida


CONFLUÈNCIES. Artistic interventions in the towns of Route 99

After the first visit to Carrícola, and verifying the overwhelming presence of art there, I decided what I could do and contribute to the municipality. After visiting and getting to know the artistic trails created by the Biodivers project, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to add another element to those itineraries through sound.

My sound walks during the days that I spent in the town resulted in LDE Carrícola, a series of Lugares de Escucha (LDE), or Listening Places, distributed along three Biodivers trails, taking in different surroundings and centering on all their acoustic qualities.

After exploring those ten LDEs, the idea emerged to give the project a second sound intervention: Amagats, a sound piece based on the capture of hidden sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. The intention is to get closer to the acoustic reality of what surrounds us but which we are not able to hear.

You can download here the complete file of my intervention in Carrícola with the map of the proposed LDE. And in this link you can listen to Amagats*

*This sound piece contains low frequencies and subtle sound materials that are inaudible through computer or smartphone speakers. It is recommended to use headphones or other types of speakers.

Rubén García Villaplana (Bicorp, 1974) is a biologist, audio artist and independent curator based in Valencia. He has organised concerts, workshops and installations both in Spain and abroad. In the scientific sphere, he has worked in the field of community ecology and bioacoustics, in particular, in the ultrasonic communication of Chiropterans. He has had many works edited into different formats in Europe, USA, South America and Australia.