IVAM Produces: Txomin Badiola

The People Are Not With Us

IVAM ProduceIVAM Centre Julio González

The banner that Txomin Badiola (Bilbao, 1957) has designed for the IVAM façade is an appeal for us to accept that artists operate in terms of dynamics that tend not to conform to what is socially accepted or acceptable. The banner includes a statement made by the avant-garde artist Paul Klee, “The people are not with us”, together with images that he has already used in previous works and including the museum itself as yet another element. It is also an ironic comment on the role of a “new institutionality” that believes itself to be genuinely beneficial, forgetting the part that is inevitably played by any institution as an apparatus of ideology and authority.


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20 jan. 2017 – 15 oct. 2017
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