Jordi Teixidor

ExhibitionIVAM Centre Julio González

The core idea behind Endgame is to survey the painterly grammar of Jordi Teixidor (Valencia, 1941) in the field of abstraction over the course of the last six decades. The show includes early works from his beginnings as a painter within the orbit of the avant-garde art groups Nueva Generación and Antes del Arte, as well as a select number of paintings from the most notable series in his longstanding career set in dialogue with works from the IVAM collection.

In this regard, the exhibition pays special attention to Teixidor’s more recent and previously unseen output while also tracing some of the sources of inspiration behind his experimentation in the field of abstract painting through the inclusion of works by Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt or Juan van der Hamen.

Endgame is rounded off with a series of little-known working material from the artist’s personal archive: notepads and sketch books, polaroids, plans and charts evincing the complex methods employed by Teixidor to carry out his paintings and the numerous exhibitions of his work over the years. Teixidor obsessively explores the very physicity of painting itself, the limits of space and the vibrant tension between geometry and gesturality.



Presentation of “Endgame” with Jordi Teixidor and Joan Ramón Escrivà

03 feb. 2022
ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

A continuous dialog: light and color

28 may. 2022 – 12 jun. 2022
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