Esto les parece un cuento (This seems like a story to them), Sandra Mar (Matet, Alto Palancia)

CONFLUENCES. Art interventions in the towns of Route 99

This seems like a story consists of various clay pieces modelled by hand. On these, I inscribed testimonies from people who are currently linked to the village, traces of those who are no longer there, of the things that happen there and of things that no longer happen.

After interviewing two inhabitants, Abel García Moliner and Amparo Castillo Arbella, we wrote a short account reflecting all the stories of Matet that they had both told us about: the passing of the war through the community, as well as customs, anecdotes, games and means of subsistence. At the same time, we modelled the seven shapes on which we later wrote this text, intending to fragment and expand the narrative through the streets of the village. There is an eighth piece that consists of a mirror in which anyone that visits the place can see themselves reflected and, if they wish, they can visually integrate into it.

Download here information about the pieces and the narrative created by the artists during their stay in Matet.

Sandra Mar (Valencia, 1995) studied Fine Art and a Masters in Art Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she specialized in ceramics. She thinks of clay as a canvas, and this material became a base for her drawings and writings.