Espadilla and its surroundings, LUCE (Espadilla)

CONFLUENCES. Art interventions in the towns of Route 99

My connection with Espadilla was immediate. During my first visit, while I walked around its streets, ideas for interventions were already appearing at different points of the locality. That is the usual way I work: I walk, observe, associate and resolve. Always getting close to the surroundings and the inhabitants of Espadilla in a respectful manner, the interventions don’t compete in order to stand out, but attempt to camouflage themselves in surroundings that are already filled with stimulation in their own right.

En Lona azul (Blue canvas) I write for those who reside here all year round, in appreciation of those that care for and maintain the town. With Llaveros del bar Saganta (Keyrings from Saganta bar) I encourage visitors to become acquainted with the stories and to support the social fabric. Momento congelado (Frozen moment) attempts to reminisce about the experiences of play and youth. Lastly, with Las pequeñas montañas (The little mountains) a new interest is generated with the climb up the Peña Saganta.

You can download here more information about the four interventions in Espadilla.

LUCE (Valencia, 1989) investigates the associations created between art and the surroundings. There is a real presence in the work of the duality between graffiti and writing. The work is based on the experience, translated into subtle interventions in the urban furniture and in pieces created from objects found during rambles.