Aural Channel, by Carlos Izquierdo (Fuentes de Ayódar)

CONFLUENCES. Art interventions in the towns of Route 99

I travelled for the first time to Fuentes de Ayódar in October of 2021. In November of that same year I stayed there a week, going out each day to make recordings of the countryside: sound recordings of the surroundings with the water as their conductive focus. It was a location that surprised me due to the richness of its natural environment set in the Sierra de Espadán, and with a large amount of hydrological resources. The Chico River flows through the municipality and there are up to 21 natural springs recorded by the inhabitants.

My line of work as an artist centers on sound and hearing, establishing through these elements a connection with territory, identity and memory. I use music composition, sound recording, audio editing from a radiophonic perspective, and I also work with the concept of sound landscapes.

With these distinctive features, I begin to think about what is interesting to capture, exclusively from a sound perspective, the unique conditions to be found in this place. I make recordings that allow me to compile material and to generate a sound piece that is suggestive, while at the same time, representative of this specific time and space.

You can listen to Cauce Aural through this link and download here the complete report of my intervention.

We recommend you to bring earphones to connect to your phone and enjoy the piece. There’s no place marked to listen to it, however we invite you to take a walk while you hear it and connect it to the environment.

Carlos Izquierdo (Alicante, 1982) defines himself as a composer, sound artist and curator. With an awareness of heritage, silence and the sound landscape, he develops designs that relate the sound to territory, identity and memory, and is convinced of the importance of strengthening the art of listening.