Visit to Puebla de San Miguel with Makea Tu Vida

CONFLUÈNCIES. Artistic interventions in the towns of Route 99


We invite you to accompany us to this small town situated in the foothills of the Javalambre Mountains. We will visit the locality on the day that they activate the artistic interventions created in the province of Valencia within the Confluències framework, a programme developed within the activities of IVAM al territori.

From March of this year, the three towns with the least inhabitants of the province (Carrícola, Sempere and La Puebla de San Miguel) have taken in a selection of artists who, over a period of visits and through active listening within these contexts, have created specific interventions within each municipality.

The ______ of the town, is the proposal that Makea Tu vida have installed in the town centre of La Puebla de San Miguel: a wooden bench situated in one of its squares, in the shadow of the church of San Miguel Arcángel, which invites gatherings and celebrations. A bench in the square where we can come together.

Makea tu Vida is a collective that works in the space that exists between the worlds of design and ecology. Its practices are aimed at promoting open design, knowledge exchange and collective creativity, applied to the re-use of materials in different contexts and situations.


The _________ of the town, Makea Tu Vida

05 nov. 2022 – 05 nov. 2023

CONFLUÈNCIES, artistic interventions in the province of Valencia

01 jun. 2021 – 31 dec. 2023