I once saw a brain in a tupperware. Elena Córdoba


TheatreIVAM Centre Julio González

Radicantes is a space for experimentation, research, observation and debate on performative practice.

The artists invited to this edition of Radicantes 2022-23 will be Laura Ramírez, Paz Rojo and Elena Córdoba.

A conversation between/with the three guests is scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023

I once saw a brain in a tupperware. Elena Córdoba

From 16 to 21 January 2023. On Saturday 21st she will conduct a demonstration of her research.
During her stay she will work with a group of people. A call will be opened to form part of the laboratory.

Once I saw a brain in a tupper, it was in the Anatomical Theatre of the University of Coimbra, it was a soft form floating in formaldehyde. By studying the brain I have learned that memories are not stored in any particular place, that we do not have a physiological space in the brain to store them. I have learned that memories and thoughts are connections that just as they are established they can disappear. In other words, memory is made of traces left by what we have lived in the soft matter, even though it seems impossible for something to remain etched in it.

I want to look at those traces, at the processes through which something is written and in which what is written is erased.

Elena Córdoba. Dancer and choreographer. Her work is based on the detailed observation of the body, as both guiding principle and material. She claims sensory experience as a form of knowledge and the act of dancing as one of its manifestations.

In 2008 she began Anatomía poética, a cycle of creation about the interior of the human body, which includes works and studies of different formats. She currently works with the body and botany as part of the Ficciones Botánicas, a project of study and creation around the plant world and its choreographic laws.

To dance, understood as a human manifestation, she has dedicated the collective projects: Bailar ¿es eso lo que queréis?, Déjame entrar o ¿Bailamos?.


Radicands. Dance and other species

12 dec. 2022 – 21 jan. 2023
TheatreIVAM Centre Julio González