A program of absolute disorder. Universal museum and post-museum. Conference by Françoise Vergès

Within the framework of the Articulations study program #IVAM35

ArticulacionsIVAM Centre Julio González

The universal museum, an invention of Enlightenment Europe, was intended to represent the prestige of the nation and the riches of all humanity. Temple of beauty and harmony, it played a central role in modernity. Although questioned, its model remains hegemonic.

Françoise Vergès will examine this genealogy before considering what a “post-museum” could be like in the context of climate catastrophe, new technologies and neoliberal patriarchal capitalism.

This conference is the culmination of the research seminar that will take place from January 29 to 31 in the context of the Doctorate program in Contemporary Philosophical Thought of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Valencia. If you are interested in attending the full seminar, you can contact the university through this email: hasang.lopez@uv.es

Françoise Vergès (La Réunion-France) is a writer, anti-racist decolonial feminist and independent curator. The title of his latest publication is ‘Programme de désordre absolu. Decoloniser le musée’ (2022).