Trash. Claudia Dyboski and Óscar Carretero

Programa d’Art i Context (Art and Context Program)

Art i ContextWorkshopsIVAM Centre Julio González

Claudia Dyboski, an artist from the Art and Context Program, invites the Valencian sculptor Óscar Carretero to share a workshop to rethink the materials and discourse that they each share in their art practice.

«Trash» is a sculpture workshop using recycled materials and found objects. Óscar Carretero and Claudia Dyboski propose an approach to art production without resources, without rules, without technique. They affirm that «the use of waste objects within their projects is very common among young artists, as much because of an evident scarcity as a real fascination for waste, and to show the public the potential that it has as a medium for sculpture».

Óscar Carretero marks his art practice with his roots, a town on the Valencian coast that is both traditional in character and set in its ways. After an avalanche of ideas and the need for new ways of expression, the backbone of his work revolves around the mechanization of emotions through sculptural prosthesis that interacts with its corporeality in an intimate and visceral way, and which has a performative and aesthetic nature. Through industrial and mechanical materials, he manifests a synergy between a more calculated functionality and a record that is open to error.