Testign the city II

The life of people in the city: a new humanist view


TESTING THE CITY II. The life of people in the city: a new humanist view

The second edition of the Testing the City activity, conducted by tehe architect David Estal, urges to alter the concept of the humanisation of the city, usually simplified to urban mobility. The fact is that the life of people in the city is not just a physical matter.

We are individuals, but we think of the city as something separate from our subjective nature and our sacred past. At the very least, existing and being present is the basis of our essence as human beings, inhabitants of a place that we share in community with affects, surprises, fears, contradictions, feelings, confidence, mistrust, rituals, etc.

If Testing the City I was a step sideways, in November we will set out on a new voyage to the interior, and who knows whether it will be useful afterwards to improve the practices on the surface.

So, as in the first edition, what is proposed is an intimate, experiential activity of exchange and knowledge by means of four conversations in order to reach unexplored territories in the urban phenomenon, territories of spirituality, primary education, health and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, Testing the City II will use radio interviews to gather part of the individual and collective consciousness in order to shape a new humanist view of the city.