“Talk to me body” by Nazario Díaz + masterclass. Past Continuous Cycle

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Past Continuous Cycle “Talk to me, body”

  • Saturday, December 11, at 19h.

“Talk to me, body” is part of “Looking for Pepe”, a study started by Nazario Díaz in 2016 that begins with the figure of the Cordovan artist Pepe Espaliú (1955-1993) to deploy a series of investigations around the body, language and territory. It takes its title from the text Juan Vicente Aliaga wrote on the occasion of the exhibition held at the Pabellón Mudéjar in Seville in 1994, a year after Espaliú’s death from AIDS. The study around his person and how he developed links between his work and his circumstances, affected by the illness, in a social and political moment in full transformation, inspires a work around the matter that mutates or disappears, and the idea of wear and tear and subjection of a body understood as physical and social existence.


Prior reservation is required at actividades@ivam.es


  • Sunday, December 12, from 11 am to 2 pm.

MASTERCLASS by Nazario Díaz on his proposal “Talk to me, body”, focused on audiences interested in learning more about the details of the research, the creative process and the resulting outcome.


If you are interested, please send a letter of motivation to actividades@ivam.es.

Nazario Díaz (Linares, Jaén, 1985) develops his work mainly in the field of performing arts, focusing on the tension generated between body, gaze and writing. He is a member of Vértebro together with Juan Diego Calzada and Ángela López, with whom he curated the Beautiful Movers festival in Córdoba. As a performer he has worked with Jorge Gallardo, Isaak Erdoiza or Societat Doctor Alonso. Since 2018 he lives in Bilbao, where he participates in two collective learning contexts: PICA, a program to accompany a temporary community of artists and researchers led by Idoia Zabaleta and Luciana Chieregati, and the Invitation program, a proposal by Colectivo Qualquer to investigate and exchange methodologies and tools coming from the field of living arts. Looking for Pepe brings together previous interests around two central concepts: presence and resistance and is currently developing Otro borrado a través de la insistencia, solo, and Conversation pieces with Basque choreographer Isaak Erdoiza.