Critical conversations. Mercè Galán and Irene Ballester

ConversationsIVAM Centre Julio González

Critical Conversations, framed in the proposal Subalternities, designed to analyze the concept of the subaltern at various levels: culture in relation to politics; art with respect to culture; local versus global; the periphery against large capitals; Southern Europe facing the center and north of the continent …

Conversation between Merce Galan and Irene Ballester.

Irene Ballester Buigues, PhD in Art History from the Universitat de València and Master in Research Applied Feminist Studies, Gender and Citizenship by the Universitat Jaume I .

Mercè Galán, is Intermedia artist. Doctor of Fine Arts from the Universitat Politècnica de València and Specialist Visual Arts and Intermedia, with the thesis: Cautivas del Silencio.