Artist Conversations. Rafael Tormo Cuenca and Fermín Jiménez Landa



In each period of crisis, culture is one of the great harmed, it becomes the visible part of misunderstood, luxurious and elitists policies. Moreover, cultural and artistic institutions are subject to cuts, devaluations of their budgets and functions when the economy, which rules our lives, gives a blow on the table. The perception that cultural practices are more alive than ever in this new relational paradigm clashes with the realization that cultural policies have neither managed to adapt themselves nor adjusted their institutional models to these changes. The distance between certain practices and their management in the public space, as well as the public institution modus operandi, is not only huge, but seems to hold a conversation in two different languages. Each one understands more or less the argument of the other, but the complicity of fluidly understanding each other’s language and shared jargon, has disappeared. The break is very significant and, at this point of no return, is it okay to be so? Can public cultural institutions recover the thread of a conversation lost decades ago? Is there any need, however small, to recover it by other means?

For the season 2016-2017, IVAM presents a series of talks that seek to set out some aspects of the current situation. Artists conversations are a dialogue between two artists who show the plot and creative processes of their projects. Critical Conversations set a path of analysis of the situation set out above, with the intention of opening new possibilities of relationship.

Conversation between artist Rafael Tormo Cuenca (Beneixida/l’Alcúdia 1963) and Fermin Jiménez Landa (Pamplona, 1979).