Seminar “Constructing New Worlds. 1914-1945”

SeminarsIVAM Centre Julio González

During this chronological framework that includes the two world conflicts, we can easily state that we are witnessing the consolidation of artistic modernity. This phenomenon was more intense in those countries that saw their old political and social structures falter. This large proposal for an exhibition with almost a thousand pieces takes back a group of greatly talented artists, especially those who were active and young at the time (with a relevant participation of women) who were committed not only to modern art (most of them moved to central cultural spots such as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam or Zurich and they participated in international exhibitions) but also to the structural reforms in accordance with the idealistic spirit of the time.



11:00 –Estrella de Diego

 Onirical and surrealistic poetics


12’30 h.-Joan Minguet Batllori

Historic avant-gardes and their global commitment

16’30 h.-Pilar Parcerisas

Geometrical abstraction and linguistic experimentation

17’30 h.- Andres Alfaro Hofmann

The revolution of everyday life. The role of design.


Constructing New Worlds

12 mar. 2015 – 10 apr. 2016