Rastros en la ciudad (Trails in the city)

Final activity of the multilingual program. Inventory (common thought on the museum)

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FRIDAY JUNE 17. 19.00.

The group that makes up the Inventory (common thought on the museum) proposes opening up its creative and thought process to the public by sharing a new activity to complete the project carried out at IVAM since February.

If we were to envisage the city of Valencia as a large human body, where would the heart be? Which neighborhood would contain its lungs, the spleen or the hands? Throughout the working sessions, we have asked how we could inhabit the city and the museum by understanding them as living organisms that connect and work like a biological body. Based on the thinking that has been put forward, the Inventory group suggests we follow three trails from different parts of the city to IVAM, putting a spotlight on the relationship between body, urban fabric and museum.

We invite you to accompany us on one of these walks which, starting from different bodies of the city, will meet at IVAM.

TRAIL 1. A tour in which we will use the sense of touch to travel around the city through its objects, crafts, trades and textures.

TRAIL 2. A photographic journey through revealing moments that emerge created collectively during the walk.

TRAIL 3. A picnic in the Turia Gardens (Jardines del Turia) to connect the museum with the natural urban space. Chats, food, experiences and what each participant wants to contribute.

Practical information

  • Activity time: 19.00
  • Working and locations: each attendee may decide which of the three trails (rastros) to follow in order to carry out the activity. Attendance will be free and each participant will be able to head to the starting point of the trail they have chosen.
  • Starting point:

Time: 19.00.
Meeting point: Plaça del mercat nº28, Valencia (opposite the Muebles Trilles shop).
No prior registration required. Please be on time.

Time: 19.00.
Meeting point: La Almoina, Pl. de Décimo Junio Bruto, s/n, Valencia (in front of the door to the La Almoina Archeological Museum ).
No prior registration required. Please be on time.

Time: 19.00.
Meeting point: Plaça Portal Nou, Valencia (under the Verge del Carme column).
No prior registration required. Please be on time.

  • Recommendations: we recommend you wear comfortable footwear for the walk
  • No prior registration required.
  • Queries and enquiries: educacio@ivam.es

*With the special participation of Muebles Trilles, Panem Unique and La Aldeana, to whom we are extremely grateful for their collaboration in this activity.


Poliglotia. Inventario. 22

01 mar. 2022 – 14 jun. 2022
OthersPoliglotiaIVAM Centre Julio González