Presentation of the work of artist Miguel Calatayud


Presentation of the work of artist Miguel Calatayud with reason of the exhibition “VLC : Valencia clear line” .

In the sixties and seventies, Valencia underwent a spectacular creative moment. The creative avant-gardes rushed in in the form of groups like Equipo Crónica and Equipo Realidad, who had a crucial influence on the young people starting their artistic studies at that time. Young creators who, furthermore, had been reared on the culture of the comic, which enjoyed a boom in Valencia in the forties and fifties. The comics of Editorial Valenciana, Jaimito and Pumby, TBO and the publications of Bruguera like Pulgarcitogenerated a visual baggage that amalgamated during their student years with the new artistic trends that flooded the city and those that came from abroad: in France and the United States, the comic that had attracted them during their childhood years had turned into a model of counterculture and modernity, a message of freedom and innovation whose first important exponent was Miguel Calatayud. His comic strips in the magazine Trinca unquestionably inspired a generation that was beginning to express itself by means of fanzines inspired by underground culture, but with its own distinctive personality.



09 jun. 2016 – 02 oct. 2016