Presentation of the intervention “That Pink Thing” by Langarita & Navarro + Jerónimo Hagerman

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19 pm. Presentation to the public of the ephemeral intervention for the esplanade of the IVAM entitled “That pink thing”, by the architects Langarita & Navarro and the artist Jerónimo Hagerman. Then the space will be open to the public, enlivened with music by The basement.

THAT PINK THING is a temporary intervention made on the IVAM’s façade by the artist Jerónimo Hagerman (Mexico City, 1967) and the architects María Langarita (Calatorao, 1979) and Víctor Navarro (Madrid, 1979). Their intention is to reveal an IVAM parallel to the one that was designed on the basis of the modern logic of what is hard and solid, and to materialise a space that provides a response to contemporary concerns about energy, the ecosystem, politics, the public sphere and sensibility.


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